Ashgabat hosts an art exhibition under the motto of the Year of Peace and Trust

Ashgabat hosts an art exhibition under the motto of the Year of Peace and Trust

Peace and trust – these two words, serving as the international motto of 2021, became the main theme of the exhibition of creative works opened in Ashgabat Central Gallery of the Union of Artists of Turkmenistan.

Art is born from any materials and, you will not immediately guess what this or that figure is made of, but its semantic message is read at once. Here, flying dove – an ancient symbol of peace and fertility, rises above the wheat fields. The sculpture carved from the “golden pumpkin” combines the gifts of land and spiritual heritage of human.

The creative works displayed in the gallery halls show that the heritage of ancestors is of great importance for current generations. Contemporary artists turn to different forms of self-expression, but the plot based on the history of the Turkmens remains the same.

“Artists usually choose the most eloquent landscapes, but don’t forget about the traditions, – says the originator of the exhibition, Berdysahed Gurbansahedov. – For example, one of my paintings depicts “Toi” (wedding). Turkmens have an ancient custom, when the bride is brought to the groom’s house, his parents perform an interesting ritual. The girl is served two plates with flour and white butter, she must dip her hands in them so that she can get the ability to cook well. In the future, the hospitable hostess will repeat this rite with her daughters-in-law.”

The expanses of the Caspian Sea and competitions of jigits on nimble Akhal-Teke horses, caravans of camels subduing the desert, and waterfalls flowing down from the mountains… When you look at the paintings of Turkmen artists, you understand how diverse the nature of Turkmenistan is.

The exhibition presents the works of more than 40 masters of Turkmen fine art. Even the youngest talents exhibit their creative works. A student of the children’s art school named after Byashim Nurali – a novice jeweler Batyr Allayarov, specially for the exhibition opening, made several pieces of jewelry that repeat the traditional style of Turkmen jewelry masters.

An unusual performance of the relief, dedicated to the People’s Artist of Turkmenistan Aman Kulmamedov, attracts the attention of the event guests. The author of the work is Alexander Kashirsky.

“I am very glad that the capital is living a rich creative life, – says the sculptor – I will be honest with you, now I am working on creating an image of a popular singer in Turkmenistan. And I think, I will present my creative surprise to a wide audience by the next exhibition.”