Ashgabat hosts a Christmas Fair in support of people with disabilities

Ashgabat hosts a Christmas Fair in support of people with disabilities

Three weeks are left to the New Year, which means that December, waving a magic wand, launched a series of interesting and unusual events. These included a Christmas Fair in support of people with disabilities, which was held on Saturday at the UN office in Ashgabat. More than 40 people from all over Turkmenistan, having various disabilities, presented their own souvenirs, decorations and other designer handmade products.

There was something to see and to be surprised at a fair, inçluding original watches and all kinds of accessories in ethno-style, exclusive crafts from natural and any improvised materials. No one left without pleasant purchases for themselves or as a gift.

Many of the works amaze with the skill of execution, the author’s imagination and painstakingness, because it takes up to six months to create some works, as one of the participants shared.

The Youth Professional Development Center for children with disabilities also presented its own design of eco-bags, which are in great demand today. Pillows with the inscription “Merry Christmas”, elegant candlesticks, unique Christmas-tree decorations and a huge number of decorations with national ornaments pleased the eye and brought into the New Year mood.

The endless stream of people who came to the fair, the general cheerful vanity made it possible to feel spiritual unity and festive excitement. There was also a children’s area at a fair, from where came loud laughter and cheerful exclamations. There, the children tried to make New Year decorations of polymer clay as a gift for moms and dads, and they did not hide happy emotions upon every successful attempt.

All the fair participants – the authors of amazing intricate, complex and simple, but very warm products, “charged” with a dream and hope, showed that nothing is impossible. The main thing is to have a desire and perseverance, and not wait for a miracle to happen, but just create it yourself.

The Christmas Fair was organized by the United Nations Office in Turkmenistan and the Embassy of Great Britain in partnership with the Public Organization Yenme (Overcoming).

– This is only the beginning of our new stage of collaboration, the organizers report. – This was a special year as the first job fair for people with disabilities, and a series of trainings for people with disabilities took place successfully.

And on Sunday, December 8, a concert will be held in the Vatan Cinema-Concert Hall on the occasion of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities celebrated this week. Anyone can attend the performance – the doors are open to all wishing.