Ashgabat hosted a creative evening of the Golden Tuning Fork

Ashgabat hosted a creative evening of the Golden Tuning Fork

A creative meeting with Berdymurad Berdyyev gave Ashgabat residents a warm spring mood on a cloudy rainy evening. On the day of Novruz Holiday, the famous musician gave a charity concert at the Artist Theater.

The chamber music atmosphere contributed to heart-to-heart talk about the past and the present, to remember “how young we were” and to learn how songs come up from impressions and thoughts.

“Lilac fog” by Mikhail Matusovsky, “And I am going after the fog” by Yuri Kukin, “In the Land of Magnolias” and other hits of the 60s and 70s set up a confidential conversation. Then the songs of the war years dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory were performed.

– I first saw a guitar in the hands of boys in the yard, Berdymurad Berdyyev tells. – They played on one string, but even that was something incredible to me. Then I recorded chords, imitated various musicians, listened to records of popular performers.

Inspired by different musical genres, melodies that touched the heart of young Berdy, he learnt Turkmen songs, romances by Valery Abadzinsky, pop compositions by foreign authors and bands.

– I was 10 years old when I decided to go in for chess and went to the Teacher’s House, where there was a chess club, composer and conductor Rovshen Nepesov shared the story of his first acquaintance. – Climbing the stairs of the training institution, I heard a voice that made me stop and go where it sounded. As if under hypnosis, I entered the hall and saw a singing man on the stage. That was Berdymurad Berdyyev…

Indeed, the “golden” voice of Berdymurad Berdyyev even now inspires young people to practice music and vocal. The guitarist’s son also performed at the concert. Having performed a song from the repertoire of the legendary band “The Beatles”, the hit “Clouse Your Eyes”, ten-year-old Aga Berdyyev won appreciation of the audience with his courage and artistry.

The audience followed along with each song in chorus, and there was also an encore song, which became a romance from the Juno and Avos rock opera “I Will Never Forget You”.

The audience thanked the singer with long applause, who promised that this would not be the last meeting this year, hinting at a continuation of the “banquet”.