Ashgabat honored Tsvetaeva’s memory: My poems, like precious wines …

Ashgabat honored Tsvetaeva’s memory: My poems, like precious wines …

On August 31, 1941, the life of the poetess Marina Tsvetaeva was tragically cut short. For fans of her work around the world, the last day of summer became memorable in its own way.

An Ashgabat theater “ARTist” hosted an evening solo performance “Love Story” based on Tsvetaeva’s essay “My Pushkin”.

“The smell – from childhood – of some kind of smoke
Or some tribes …
The charm of the former Crimea
Pushkin’s sweet times. ”

From childhood, the life and fate of Alexander Sergeyevich touched the heart of little Marina: “The first thing I learned about Pushkin was that he was killed. Then I found out that Pushkin is a poet, and Dantes is a Frenchman,” Tsvetaeva will write in 1937 in her essay.

Today, the actress Tatyana Ovezmuradova performed in the image of a great poetess on the Ashgabat stage. Thinly sensing all the facets of the personality of her heroine, her complex nature and a rebellious, desperate spirit, she seemed to be related to the image.

“My teacher gave me this essay by Tsvetaeva, and at that time the director of the Pushkin Theater was Renat Ismailov,” says Tatyana. “But what did I understand then?” It would be foolish to say: “And now I understand!”. How close to me Tsvetaeva is, how I was able to get closer to her world is for the audience to judge.

In fact, the viewer is the main connoisseur of the performance. And, judging by the applauding audience, the evening of memory was a glory.

The director of the production is Leyla Faizmamedova, she also worked on a combination of the literary basis and musical accompaniment.

The painstaking work on the solo performance lasted 5 months. At the moment, the actress is full of many new ideas, but she prefers to keep future ideas a secret.

And such creative evenings devoted to outstanding creators give an invaluable opportunity to plunge into their world, to understand what worried them, what “pierced” the rise of thought, and simply – to enjoy the deep beauty, incredible power of their works.

As Arseny Tarkovsky wrote in his dedication to the Memory of Marina Tsvetaeva:

“Not of the insolence of your passions,
And not that everything is one,
But only of your memory
Teach from the grave, Marina! ”

The poet is alive as long as he is remembered, while his work is transmitted to posterity. And the work of Marina Tsvetaeva is lively and beloved by numerous admirers in all corners of the planet, as in Turkmenistan.

Svetlana MAYAK