Ashgabat demonstrated the achievements of the industry of Turkmenistan

Ashgabat demonstrated the achievements of the industry of Turkmenistan

An exhibition was opened at the expocenter of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Turkmenistan, which visually talks about the main industry directions for the development of the country’s industrial complex and presents the products of its leading enterprises and their foreign partners.

Textile industry is a particularly significant segment of the Turkmen economy, which has recently shown active growth in the production of finished products. Therefore, it took a worthy place at the exhibition, and aroused great attention of market professionals and ordinary visitors who were interested in new products.

Turkmenistan has more than 70 textile factories operating on the basis of local raw materials – cotton, as well as silk.

“We presented new types of our environmentally friendly products that do not contain chemical dyes,” says Jennet Khodzhanazarova, deputy director of the Ashgabat textile enterprise. – We use only natural raw materials, following market trends, develop the design of bathrobes, towels, bed linen. Also our factory launched products for children – soft toys.

The electronic industry of Turkmenistan, represented by the Aydyn gijeler business society (, demonstrated its products – LED LED lamps, which today are a highly efficient and environmentally friendly source Due to less electricity consumption, such lamps heat up slightly, last longer, and most importantly, their light is safe for sight.

The most spectacular event that took place during the exhibition was the display of collections of fashionable clothes. Those present were invited to take places around the podium to enjoy the luxury and variety of modern Turkmen outfits.

This exhibition was attended by delegations and companies from Russia, France, Turkey, Italy, Afghanistan and other countries. The event is dedicated to the celebration of the Day of Industrial Workers of Turkmenistan.