Ashgabat Decor Studio offers a master class for adults and children

Ashgabat Decor Studio offers a master class for adults and children

Fir-cones are a very available natural material, familiar to everyone since childhood. At crafts lessons, it was often suggested to make something from a cone, whether it be a forest dweller or a new year’s toy. And to get the material for creating such decorations, it’s just enough to take a walk in the park.

Ashgabat Creative Studio “Angel decor studio” gives a series of winter master classes on making decorative compositions from cones and walnuts. Here every beginner can demonstrate their imagination and make something special for themselves and their friends.

“Our Art Studio is engaged in designing rooms, decorating holidays and making hand made things,” says the Director of “Angel decor studio” Jamala Rejepova. – Our master class is intended for children.

Since the middle ages, women have been familiar with the art of decoupage, cutting out their favorite pictures and decorating furniture items with them. Expensive boxes, jewelry, and many other things were imitated by decoupage. The technique of decorating various items is popular today. However, this is a meticulous work that requires the master’s attention and patience.

“There are such complex compositions that take a lot of time,” says Jamala Rejepova. “Recently, according to schemes and patterns, we sewed decorative pillows made of felt, step by step working through each detail. Now, our studio offers adults to sign up for master classes on the production of three-dimensional flowers, which can also be a great decoration of the home interior.”

Using compositions made of fir cones, teachers of the art studio acquaint children not only with the technique, but also with the material itself. Each cone that acts as a “model” is quite complicated. Cones may be “male” and “female”, they differ not only in types, but also in their structure.

– The theme of decorative master classes is diverse, and the habitues of our Studio often bring their ideas, taking an active part in the training process. One of the topics, chosen for the Knowledge Day, was preparing for school, children sewed pencil-cases and organizers for themselves. Despite the suggested examples, each one made an individual sample, unlike anyone else.

Creating an interior with your own hands is quite a fascinating experience, because it is almost the embodiment of your own dream. And cones are well suited as a self-contained material. If you fill a transparent vase with them and dilute the composition with beads, you will get an interesting still-life. The time for New Year’s holidays has passed, but everyone still has the opportunity to master the skill of making unique decorative products from cones.