Ashgabat appreciated Korean wisdom through culinary insight

Ashgabat appreciated Korean wisdom through culinary insight

On September 6, the Week of Korean Culture ended in Ashgabat SEC “Berkarar”. The final event was the acquaintance of Turkmen citizens with the national cuisine of the peninsula in the Eastern part of Asia.

At the event opening, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Turkmenistan Mr. Chin Ki-Hoon thanked all attendees for their interest and attention to this cultural event.

– Korean cuisine is popular in the world not only as exotic, but also as a healthy cuisine. It comes from the wisdom of our ancestors, who believed that food and medicine have the same origin. Modern medical research has shown that Korean food actually prevents aging and can be an excellent means to prevent many diseases.

Cook Im Eun Hee came to Ashgabat specially for the preparation of national Korean dishes. She told me what was served for the guests of the evening:

– One of the main dishes was stewed beef ribs, cooked in a fruit sauce called “Galbi-jjim”. Also “Bulgogi” – thin slices of beef, grilled. Koreans often cook this dish at home. Many people who are familiar with the cuisine of our country have already loved with Korean “Gimbab” – small rolls with rice and vegetables. “Kimchi” is a spicy snack of white cabbage, sprinkled with red pepper and other spices, it is very useful for health.

Im Eun-Hee noted rice soup with chicken and “Japchae” noodles, cooked according to a special recipe. Drinks, desserts and other pleasant surprises waited for the event’s visitors. Wishing everyone a pleasant appetite, the cook invited guests to the table.

– My friend and I have been attending this event for the second year. We really like South Korea as a country, I would like to visit it – says Nazakat Raimova.

– Today we tasted rice soup with chicken and meat dishes, but most of all we liked “Gimbab”.

In the second part of the culinary evening program, there was a prize drawing. Visitors who correctly answered questions about the Republic of Korea, related to its history, traditions and modern realities, received a miraculous tincture of ginseng.

This morning fresh roots of ginseng was brought from Korea. It should be used with honey, it is a very good combination for the body rehabilitation, being tired of the heat, – says Chin Ki-Hoon.

Ginseng is a kind of Korean brand, suffice it to say, the production and sale of red ginseng in Korea remains the state’s exclusive monopoly.

Guests enjoyed dipping sliced ginseng into honey and evaluating the taste of the product. Everyone could leave feedback about the event on proposed questionnaires.

The event was held at the highest level, leaving an indelible impression on all the present guests.

Over the last week, residents of Ashgabat got acquainted with the Korean fashion,visited the cinema. The brightest impressions left the Korean Taekvondists.  And national cuisine puts spicy dots for future meetings.

Next year even more interesting meetings and cultural programs are expected.

Svetlana MAYAK