Ashgabat and UNESCO will hold international forums on the ancient Silk Road

Ashgabat and UNESCO will hold international forums on the ancient Silk Road

The Expert Meeting on the Traditional Sports and Games Themes of the Interactive Atlas of Cultural Interactions along the Silk Roads will be held in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan from 4-5 December 2018.

This meeting has been organized by UNESCO, and in close collaboration with the Government of Turkmenistan.

Approximately fifteen international experts will gather in order to discuss the exchange of cultural elements between various regions along the Silk Roads in the field of traditional sports, martial arts and games.

The famous Spanish sportsman Andres Minguez, specializing in oriental martial arts, will hold a presentation in December in Ashgabat on martial arts, once practiced on ancient routes to ensure the safety of trade caravans traveling from East to West, said the President of the International network of UNESCO’s Silk Road Online Platform Jose Maria Chiquillo in an interview with the Spanish radio channel La Cadena SER.

Following the expert meeting, an international conference “Importance of the Great Silk Roads: Present and Future Development” will be held on 6-7 December 2018 in Turkmenistan. The event will be organized in partnership with UNESCO.

Ministers, high-level representatives and international experts from 48 countries will participate in this forum.

The aim of the conference is multi-faceted. The first goal is to highlight the significance of the Great Silk Roads with regards to sustainable development. The next is to discuss the potential of the Silk Roads common heritage in promoting intercultural dialogue and international cooperation in contemporary societies, and the last is to provide a forum of shared experiences regarding the contribution of the Silk Roads heritage towards its achievement of the 2030 Agenda.

In the context of globalization processes taking place in the modern world, sometimes creating situations of misunderstanding and mistrust, the Silk Road is an instructive example of long-term intercultural exchange, dialogue and cooperation, being the basic factors of stability and progress.

The project on the development of Interactive Atlas of Cultural Interactions along the Silk Roads” is carried out by UNESCO’s Silk Roads Online Platform.

The Atlas will be a platform tasked with mapping and explaining the cultural interactions that took place across the Silk Roads and throughout history. The ultimate goal is to educate the general public, especially the youth, about the history of these historic routes which connected people with various cultural traditions, religious beliefs and speaking different languages.