Ashgabat and Astrakhan schools were connected by a television space bridge

Turkmenistan and Russia are connected by strong bonds of old partnership and new projects. Today the list of joint actions has been supplemented by one more perhaps, the kindest and touching event.

The joint Turkmen-Russian secondary comprehensive school name after A.S.Pushkin (Ashgabat) and the high school name after Mahtumkuli Fragi (Astrakhan region) on the first day of the academic year communicated through the TV space bridge and exchanged with literary and musical gifts and kind wishes.

An hour TV space bridge included itself a lot of useful: performance of the first deputy minister of education of the Russian Federation Pavel Zenkovich and acting governor of the Astrakhan region Igor Babushkin, the promise of expansion of partnership from adults and a lot of warmth from the smallest participants.

«… Here is brotherhood – custom, and friendship – the law

For glorious generations and mighty tribes … », –

Sounded from one coast of the Caspian sea.

«… My friends, our union is fine!

It as soul is inseparable and eternal… », –

Answered on the other coast.

The present tv space bridge – the first step on a long way of prospective cooperation of the two schools. Shortly the teacher of Turkmen language will go to the Astrakhan region from Turkmenistan for teaching the national language to compatriots. In future participation of pupils of both schools in the international contests, conduction of courses of improvement of qualification for teachers, joint humanitarian actions are planned.

More moments – in the video reporting ORIENT.