As a memory from Turkmenistan – exclusive copies of historical pieces

As a memory from Turkmenistan – exclusive copies of historical pieces

Archaeological excavations in Turkmenistan are explored all the year round. Our land is rich in historical “treasures” and is able to tell the descendants many interesting things about their ancestors. The task of archaeologists is to convey to the contemporaries the facts of past eras, because every nation has its own unique history. And its unique “storytellers”.

Andrey Medvedev is a geologist by education. However, the mysterious world of archeology fascinated him so much that he set out on a journey through historical places.

“I worked for the Institute of Seismology, and the fate chanced me to visit the Serakhs historical and cultural reserve. There, for a long time, I participated in the excavation of an ancient temple with a group of archaeologists. Then I got on expeditions to many sites of the country – from Gonurdepe to Babadurmaz,” Andrey Alekseyevich says.

The work of an archaeologist is hard and laborious task. Prior excavations, they study the historical material, the features of the ancient settlements, the customs and culture of their inhabitants.

Each item found is of great information value. Therefore, archaeologists are not imaginative as their findings are based on clear evidence.

While excavating a Zoroastrian temple, Andrey Alekseyevich was impressed by the terracotta figurines found. Figures from ivory, coins, ancient jugs inspired him to the art. By that time, he had written scientific articles on the results of expeditions.

– Somehow, I found ancient casts and seals. I decided to make copies of them as a memory. I tried to use different materials for copying: clay, plastic, gypsum.

The copies were excellent and almost identical with the originals, and Andrey Alekseyevich continued to experiment further. He began to transform some figurines into pendants and other jewelry.

Each his work is a copy of real artifacts found during excavations in the territory of Turkmenistan. The most recognizable are figurines ‘born” from the ancient country of Margush.

– For three years in a row, I worked in Kakhka, the fortress Abiverd. It was there, among many historical ruins, a large number of interesting finds were discovered. The fertile soil, or rather clay of the area, which is of proper quality for creating ceramic products, was the really discovery for me”, Andrey says.

The average duration of the archaeological time in spring and autumn is about 40 days. Trips take a lot of time and effort. However, when there is a free time, Andrey Alekseyevich does the art. Continuing to study historical artifacts, he became interested in creating wooden figurines. In addition, he makes lamps and takes part in monthly exhibitions of artisans.

Improving the skills, Andrey Medvedev came up with exclusive labels for his pieces. Each art item has the laminated tag accompanied by the text: “As a souvenir from Turkmenistan”, as well as historical information – the “biography” of each piece and description of the place where it was found.

Tourists are happy to get such memory souvenirs and to expand their knowledge of history, discovering its new pages.

Svetlana MAYAK