Artists from Turkmenistan took part in the opening of a festival in Bayreuth, Germany

Artists from Turkmenistan took part in the opening of a festival in Bayreuth, Germany

Performers of classical and folk works from Turkmenistan take part in the 69th festival of young artists in the city of Bayreuth, Germany, which is held under the motto “Homeland. Love. Abroad”.

The variety of musical directions from the very abroad, which is getting closer due to strong cultural ties, was presented by the Turkmen artists – a chamber orchestra under the direction of Rasul Klychev and a trio of folk music performers.

They regaled the festival guests with a variety of works, which clearly reflected the national spirit. Akhalteke horses’ hooves are heard in the strains of dutar, the wind whistling in the foothills of Kopetdag – in the melody of gijak, and night songs of the Karakum desert – in the whisper of tuyduk.

This festival’s leitmotif was the eternal theme of the house. “What does home mean for us – for each person and for society?” asked organizers the participants and guests of the festival. The answer for them is obvious:

– Home is like a process, which does not mean the exception of stranger. It is much more important to accept it as a component of yourself. Farewell and hope for domestic and foreign reunification, wanderings to the horizon of human experience – that is how the “house” is characterized today in Bayreuth.

Through various events, seminars and art workshops, concerts in front of a large audience, participants from different countries will share their definition of “home”, expand and enrich it, getting acquainted with each other’s culture. This will help to create and increase not only an international network of actors, but also a basis for active humanitarian work.

Chamber orchestra under the direction of Rasul Klychev will take an active part in it. The musicians will delight the audience with works by Tchaikovsky, Bartók, Piazzola. Their concerts will be held on August 3, 5, 6, 9 and 16. The pearl of the performance will be an amazing soprano by Leyli Okdirova.

In the times of rapid global changes, culture is extremely important. It creates the basis for cooperation in the world, and keeps it in the roughing ocean of change.

Mixing the words “Homeland”, “Love” and “Abroad” to the enchanting sounds of music from across the globe, you understand that, whatever language we speak, we feel just the same.