Artificial Intelligence creates … a beer

Artificial Intelligence creates … a beer

Scientists from Switzerland, in cooperation with German and Danish brewers, have launched nonstandard experiment that used Artificial Intelligence.

Researchers have used Artificial Intelligence to create a unique beer. The program analyzed around 157 thousand beer recipes to identify patterns and to create a list of malts, their proportions, to choose the type of required hop and to calculate the brewing time.

As a result, a product called Deeper was created. It is an Indian Pale Ale beer (one of the varieties of English beer) with a rich hop aroma and hints of citrus.

The scientists added that since the experiment was successful, in the future, although artificial intelligence will be not able to replace human experts in production, still it would be able to provide important auxiliary functions, as the best result can be achieved only if a person and a machine work together.

The specialists of the Carlsberg Research Laboratory in Denmark, who are interested in the results of the work, in collaboration with Microsoft, are planning to introduce innovative solutions that will enable Carlsberg to select and develop novel brewer’s yeast for application in craft and alcohol-free beers at a much higher speed and quality.