Art is like love: paths chosen by young Turkmen artists

Art is like love: paths chosen by young Turkmen artists

The paintings of young artist Rustam Abdullayev captivate even those who are not particularly versed in art. His every piece of work is a poeticized image of his native sites, countrymen, people whom he has ever met. They have some kind of a philosophical subtext that makes you think, and sometimes a tint of good-natured irony, but love of the world around can be always sensed in them.

Whether it is a dog lying by an abandoned barn, an old araba cart, a haystack, a fruit piece – all in Abdullayev’s works are endowed with a soul. The heroes in paintings are as if about to leave the canvas and be in reality of a viewer who looks at them. Landscapes, still lives, genre scenes and portraits are so lively, breathing, and saturated with warmth and light.

– I do not know how it happened that I became an artist. My father is an engineer and my mother is a teacher… I was 6 years old when I found a blank sheet of paper among my father’s drawings and decided to draw something. Kneading the paper in the hands, I asked my mother if I can become an artist. Her surprised answer was affirmative and, probably, it all started with that, Rustam says.

The young painter graduated from the Lebap Art College, while learning to play the accordion. But the desire for drawing prevailed, and he went to Ashgabat. The first attempt to enter the Arts Academy failed. Frustrated, the guy returned home, where he began to teach children on drawing.

– One of the examiners told me: “Listen guy, if you have an inner passion, you’ll definitely try again, but don’t give up your calling”. When I came home, I began to work on myself, drew a lot at night, hardly slept. I understood the truth: Art is like love, your slightest betrayal, and it closes all doors.

Faithful to his talent and vocation, Rustam again tried to enter the State Academy of Arts, and this time he succeeded.

– How happy I was to finally learn from famous painters and great masters, Rustam recalls.

Rustam tells stories in his paintings. He believes that people need a story. A beautiful drawing may impress, but will it leave a mark, will it touch the heart? It is unlikely. Studying the origins, delving into the ancient customs and culture of the Turkmens, the artist describes in all his paintings the relationship of a person to his origins, childhood.

– For example, I dedicated one of my works to a cow, focusing a whole village, all its life on it. After all, this is not just an animal. It provides milk and meat. The bull helped the worker in the field in the old days. Since childhood I have been watching how powerful the supporting cow is…

Every evening Rustam Abdullayev creates the canvas. He is not stopped by fatigue, because he either burns with a creative idea or patiently crystallizes it. He works with delight of the very process of work.

He considers the greatest fear of his a probability that he will stop drawing one day. Therefore, more and more new brushes and frames appear in his workshop as a reserve.

His works are distributed throughout the world, but Rustam himself has only one attraction point in the whole world. This is his native Lebap.