«ArmInfo»: a powerful contribution of Turkmenistan to preservation of the environment

«ArmInfo»: a powerful contribution of Turkmenistan to preservation of the environment

Information agency “ArmInfo” – an independent news agency of Armenia – published on the Internet portal the information on the start of spring tree planting campaigns in Turkmenistan, dated to International Day Novruz.

In the article it is noted that a solicitous attitude to nature acts as the major priority of the state policy of Turkmenistan. In interests of maintenance of ecological safety such both at national, and at global scale, in the country the long-term National wood program providing creation of green belts round cities and villages, along highways and railways is successfully carried out, – as writes ArmInfo.

Today the world community recognises a powerful contribution of Turkmenistan to the solution of vital issues of preservation of the environment having a huge value for mankind. It concerns, first of all, climate changes, careful use of land -water resources, combat of desertification, preventive maintenance of degradation of the soil, protection of marine environment and biological variety of the Caspian Sea and many other aspects.

This year the tree planting action was held in all regions of Turkmenistan. As a whole in the country 1 million 604 thousand 200 trees were planted. Besides planting of trees, the special emphasis was made on the care after already existing trees that should allow to young trees to get stronger, gain in strength, – the author of the publication adds.

In this context it is a remarkable flash mob on the planting of 10 million trees across all Armenia of which the prime minister of the country Nikol Pashinyan stated in early March. «Plant a tree, to grow and present it to your relative, ancestors, and native land», – the Armenian prime minister calls.

The purpose of the flash mob is on October 10, 2020 to plant 10 million trees across all Armenia. The minister of environment of the Republic of Armenia Erik Grigoryan explained that this day would be declared as national tree planting day on which all citizens of Armenia will take part literally.

The minister of environment also informed that the tree palnting program has a global character and is realised worldwide, including in Turkmenistan. In total it is expected to plant 1 trillion trees.