Arm-wrestling Championship of Turkmenistan: when everything is in your hands

Arm-wrestling Championship of Turkmenistan: when everything is in your hands

There are hardly people who do not know what arm-wrestling is. Even if there are any, we explain specifically for them that this is a kind of a wrestling by hands between two participants, which is very spectacular and popular, and does not require special facilities, equipment and ammunition. People of almost any age have a chance to win in this sport. It is enough to say that there have been world champions in the history of arm-wrestling who were above fifty years of age!

Arm-wrestling emerged as an independent sport 54 years ago. Although it has not yet been included in the Olympic Games’ programme, competitions of arm wrestlers invariably attract many fans all over the world.

Turkmenistan also hosts national arm-wrestling championships, and this year women will also take part in it for the first time. Are you intrigued with this information? In such case, by any means, come to the 4th sports school in Gokche village in the Ashgabat suburb (you can get there by bus number 10), where the national championship will take place next weekend, June 22 and 23.

Men will traditionally compete in the weight categories from 55 kg to super weight athletes over 110 kg.

The weight categories in a women’s group are as follows: 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, and over 80 kg. Moreover, in contrast to men who compete with both left and right hands, the rules for them still include only competitions with right hands.

After the end of the two-day wrestling in individual weight categories, arm-wrestling fans will have an opportunity to watch an unforgettable show – the competition for first place in the absolute weight category.

What does it mean? In this round, first place holders in their weight categories will meet in a tense combat, i.e., a winner among athletes in the weight categories up to 65 kg will be able to challenge heavyweight athletes. And it is quite unknown who of them will be the winner.

This is an interesting aspect of this sport, notable for great entertainment, emotions and struggle without broken noses and bruises on the body.

Only thing to add is that the competition will begin at 11 a.m. Come, and you will not regret!

Viktor Kardashov