Are people more likely to see nightmares, or is Sleep the voice of the subconscious?

Are people more likely to see nightmares, or is Sleep the voice of the subconscious?

During the pandemic, people found that they began to have richer and more vivid dreams, but at the same time nightmares became more frequent, and the nights became more hectic, according to the Russian service of the BBC.

People around the world have begun sharing their dreams online, and Deirdre Barrett, a psychology professor at Harvard University, is collecting descriptions of such dreams to understand how they might have changed. One Englishman named Charlie said that he began to dream his biggest fears, Elisha Angeles from the Philippines has unusual dreams during the pandemic.

Deirdre claims that due to the fact that people began to be at home more, they began to remember their dreams in detail, those who did not get enough sleep earlier due to a long working day are now getting enough sleep.

California girl Erin Gravely has created a website called idreamofcovid (“I Dream of COVID”), where people can share their strange dreams. She is neither a scientist nor a psychologist, and the idea of creating a website came to her mind after reading the book by Charlotte Beradt “The Third Reich of Dreams”, where the author collected people’s dreams during the reign of Hitler, and then was able to study and describe in her book.

“I wanted to understand how changes in our life, such as a change of government or the beginning of a pandemic, affect our dreams,” admitted Erin. Today everyone can tell about their dreams on her website, and this is done by millions of people from all over the world.

During a dream, the brain processes the signals received during the day, separating the necessary information from the unnecessary. It is generally accepted that sleep is a reflection of our emotional state; this phenomenon is still one of the least studied by science.

The psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud was a person who took a comprehensive approach to the study of dreams. He believed that dreams are a code, a cipher, which should be recognized and deciphered. Freud had a theory that through sleep people become aware of their hidden desires. At that time he had few supporters. This did not prevent him from publishing his first work “The Interpretation of Dreams”, and then release two more works.

Sadly, while studying the interpretation of dreams, Freud himself was unable to figure out his own ones. For a long time, he had the same dream in which he saw fish. Meanwhile, his health deteriorated. Freud was diagnosed with mouth cancer. The disease was due to his addiction to smoking cigars. After numerous operations, the psychoanalyst became dumb like a fish. Despite this, Freud’s dream book is relevant to this day.

It is customary for the Turkmens not to tell their loved ones their bad dreams; instead, they need to share them with water, it is believed that they will flow out with water and everything will be forgotten.

Instead of dismissing dreams, you should give them due attention, it is possible that your subconscious mind wants to tell you something. To better analyze dreams, you can write them down, keeping a dream diary is usually calming.