Aquapark as a return to childhood: a surprise from the sea resort of Avaza

Aquapark as a return to childhood: a surprise from the sea resort of Avaza

Avaza resort is, of course, first of all, the sea and the beaches, which they come here as for the main impression and charge of the summer. But what if you have already enjoyed the scenery, swimming, breeze, got a nice tan, but still want some water fun? And then you will find the Avaza Aquapark.

You can get to it easily from anywhere in the resort by passenger bus. And it will impress you already at the entrance, with its impressive glass structure. Not to mention what’s inside …

“Our stop!” The children shouted and ran out of the bus with delight. To be honest, not only the kids were in anticipation.

Just a couple of steps, the door opens, and … emotions capture! The first thing that catches your eye is daring in its twist water slides about 20 meters high. Exclamations, or rather screams – but incredibly happy screams – of people rushing along them prompted a desire to immediately repeat this extreme descent.

“You are in an indoor water park,” a local employee began a conversation with us, offering to familiarize you with the price list.

Representing the complex as a whole and taking care, he said:

– In addition to the indoor, there is an open water park, but since it’s hot outside now, I would advise you to stay in the inner entertainment zone.

At the entrance, they put electronic wristbands on our wrists. With their help, you can make purchases in local stores and cafes, pay for services and open a locker with things in the locker room.

The brightest part of the water park is the children’s area. Everything is flowery and active here: in shallow pools for kids, there are a lot of dynamic figures, sprinklers, fountains and everything else that will make the game of the guys unusually exciting.

If the small visitors of the Avaza water park with a joyful screech conquered a variety of water attractions at safe “depths”, then the adults, who in this case behaved like the same children, climbed high up the stairs, encouraging themselves, sat in special circles and with a blissful smile and goggled with “delight” eyes raced along the water slides. With loud screams, they flopped into the pool one by one, and then again ascended to a new “quest”.

But not only fans of “adrenaline” entertainment can find things to their liking here, for fans of lazy relaxation there are also several options. You can just contemplatively spend time on a sunbed and listen to quiet calm music or swing on a water mattress to the beat of measured waves in the pool with artificial surf.

But that’s not all, if you want to take time for yourself, then the staff will gladly offer you to use SPA-services.

After spending all day in the water park, we enjoyed a lot of new experiences, with which time passes unnoticed.

The wonderful fact is that the water park operates all year round, so all autumn and winter you will have a great opportunity to return to childhood and enjoy water recreation in both its extreme and passive forms.