Another “Mongol Rally” team reaches Ashgabat

It became customary this summer for the Turkmen people and guests of our country to see how the old and not very neat rushing cars on our perfectly clean roads. The vehicles are not entirely new, but the status of “retro” for them is also too early.

Light motor cars, bespattered (that’s the only word that really fits) with advertisements and painted with autographs from friends from different countries of the world, do not cause surprise.

Although it was practically impossible to spot such “monsters” on our roads before, those who see such a caravan can immediately guess – these are participants of the Mongol-Rally 2017.

In different countries of the world people immediately recognize them, welcome and try to leave a message that will travel wide expanses of the Eurasian continent on the body of the vehicle.

Our “ORIENT”, whose autograph will now reach Ulan Bator and from there, turning around, will return to Foggy Albion, has also imprinted its logo on the “Ford” of venerable age.

Behind the wheel, as a rule, are funny, young and fervent guys. And, it would seem, they went this long way out of mischief. But…

But, despite their outwardly crazy style, they pursue quite humane goals – collecting sponsorship.

The last such team, which “ORIENT” has written about, attracted financial resources for the preservation of forests on our planet. And the current group with its transcontinental voyage attracts the attention of the general public to the problems of childhood diseases that have spread in our age, unhealthy for many countries.

And when you find this out, you immediately feel respect for these young men and girls living in different parts of the world, but united by a noble goal – to help those they do not know, but who really needs it.

– Our group includes residents of Great Britain, Germany, Denmark and Romania – said our guests, introducing themselves:

– Linda Wrights, Marcus Nicholas, Tom Car – we are all from England. And Thomas Wilkin – from Denmark, Oscar Horsley – Frenchman, Constantine from Germany, Ioana Addi from Romania.

– What is the purpose of your trip?

– By our “Mongol-rally 2017” travel we stimulate fund-raising for charitable purposes.

– Could you tell us about the specific focus of these funds?

– Our group tries to attract the attention of sponsors to the problem of specific diseases of children, and encourages them to help in providing medical treatment for young patients.

– Do you overcome the whole thousand kilometers on such small cars?

– Our cars, although small, are spacious enough that they can be topped up with all the things that we need on the road. In addition, such trips, despite the length of time, are very interesting and in themselves bring great pleasure,

– “Mongol rally 2017” starts in London …

– Yes, we started from the capital of Great Britain on July 17.

– Probably, it was not easy to overcome such a long way in three weeks?

– With each stage it becomes more difficult …

– How did you like it in Turkmenistan?

– Oh, it’s great here! Today we visited Kov-ata – it’s a mysterious and fantastically beautiful cave. Now we are planning to go to Darvaza to see with our own eyes a burning gas crater, nicknamed “The Gates of Hell.” We have heard a lot about these very interesting sights of your country.

– I see on the hood of your cars, as well as the previous group, the symbol of the 5th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games?

– Yes, we know that there is only a little more than a month has left until the beginning of the Ashgabat Games 2017, and preparations are in full swing.

– And what other impressions will you take with you from our country?

-Very kind and hospitable people live here. The Turkmen people have a wonderful cuisine. Today we have tasted the native shish kebab.

We arrived at night, and immediately began to think about how and where to exchange money. A very courteous policeman politely explained to us how to get to the nearest ATM and all the questions were dropped. And again: it was nice when we arrived here, the road policeman, seeing our dirty cars from the long way, and apparently realizing that we were very tired, blocked the traffic so that we could pass without hindrance. And people were greeting and waving to us with their hands. And at that moment we felt as if we were presidents. It was very pleasant to see such an unexpectedly warm greeting on your land …

… After completing the conversation with the guests of our country, the employee of the “ORIENT” wished the participants of the charitable event successes in their noble mission and a happy journey.

“ORIENT”, has already told about one of the groups of “Mongol-rally 2017” that visited Ashgabat. Then our interlocutor was Jamie Reynolds, whose team was united by the idea of preserving forests on Earth. In general, in this adventure race, groups (with a total of more than 620 people) participate with a variety of “subtopics”, but they have one common goal – to make the planet better and help the needy. Therefore, each team must donate at least £ 1,000 to charity, part of the collected money goes to the Lotus center for children with cancer in Ulan Bator.

The event, in fact, is quite adventurous in the sense that it is necessary to overcome the distance from England to Mongolia along the route that the team will most like on the smallest and cheapest “vintage” car, which it will be possible to find.

As Konstantin Rengarten said more than 120 years ago, a person who went down in history as one of the first, if not the first, who made a trek around the world (having visited the Turkmen region on the way): “At the turn of the 20th century, when inventions follow one another in science, and the speed and convenience of movement reached their climax, if you want to study something, you have to look not from the window of the wagon or a comfortable vehicle, but moving step by step.”

Participants in the Mongol Rally are the successors of this idea, albeit on wheels. The project has been developing year by year, and the electric car Nissan Leaf is taking part in it for the first time this year, trying to overcome 16 thousand kilometers of the London-Ulan-Ude route.

The rally electric car is built on the basis of a modification with a battery of 30 kWh, the claimed power reserve is 250 km (that is, “only” 64 charges for the distance of the rally).

Since the Mongol Rally is not an extreme sports competition, and its main goal is charity, participation of the Nissan Leaf in the race is aimed at the popularization of electric vehicles in the world.