Anniversary exhibition of sculptor Orazmurad Kurbanov opened in Ashgabat

Anniversary exhibition of sculptor Orazmurad Kurbanov opened in Ashgabat

An exhibition of works by the honored art worker of the country, the sculptor Orazmurad Kurbanov and his daughter Lachin Rejepgulyeva, opened in the gallery of the Union of Artists of Turkmenistan.

The show, timed to coincide with the 65th anniversary of Orazmurad Kurbanov, presented the “golden” collection of the master, many of whose works can also be seen on the streets of the Turkmen capital and in the seaside Avaza.

His sculptures are simple at first glance, and at the same time complex in terms of the many-sidedness of images, the history that lurks in them and delays the viewer, revealing first one plan, then another … The equestrian theme in a variety of interpretations occupies a large place in his work..

He works with many materials, even with stones, picked up in the garden or on the road and which later turns in his workshop into another mysterious story embedded in the image of a figure or a person, more often than a woman.

As if he immediately recognizes his outlines in an ordinary small stone and, responding to the call of the image encased in him, he takes it with him – to release, to give a “voice.” It can be a shout, a whisper, a cry or a song …

“In the city, no one can find a single stone, Orazmurad took them all away,” his colleagues joke.

His daughter Lachin, a graduate of the State Academy of Arts of Turkmenistan, is a painter. At the exhibition you can see more than 50 of her paintings, mainly landscapes, still lifes with motifs of national decorative and applied art. But there are horses like father.

– I like to experiment with color combinations, when the “sound” and “tempo” of the entire melody of the canvas change from the brightness, tone intensity, palette. This is what fascinates me – the search for the harmony of this music of colors, – shared the artist.