An old TV daily left the whole city without the Internet

An old TV daily left the whole city without the Internet

For almost 18 months residents of the British city of Aberhosan remained without the Internet as soon as hours showed seven o’clock mornings. The provider has replaced Internet cables in the settlement, but it also did not help. Then engineers of the company made investigation and found out that the old analogue TV is guilty.

Every morning the owner of the TV, wished to remain an unknown person, turned it on at 7 o’clock. The device gave out such hindrances in the electric network that modern electronics of the Internet equipment “went mad” and inhabitants of the settlement also remained without the Internet.

The owner did not know about the by-effect of the TV but when engineers of the Internet provider informed him the on the problem, he was frightened and agreed to switch off at once the television receiver for ever.

«It occurred exactly at 7 o’clock in the morning as by an alarm clock», – the engineer of the provider Michael Johns says.

Engineers went around the settlement with the analyser of spectrum in search of a source of electric noise. Their gadgets showed the big splashes in electric hindrances in Aberhosan. When they found the house from which these hindrances came out, technicians established that the TV sent one powerful pulse signal which caused electric failures in other gadgets. In the professional language such phenomenon is called “shine” (SHINE – Single High-level Impulse Noise).

Now inhabitants of Aberhosan have no problems with the Internet.