An expert named the smart phones most vulnerable to surveillance

An expert named the smart phones most vulnerable to surveillance

Anton Averin, Deputy Director of the Institute of Information Technologies of the Synergy University, named smartphones most vulnerable to under control of OS Android are spied more often. Thus, as he said, professionals without problems can trace almost any smart phone.

The expert in conversation with PRIME agency noted for the given purposes are used both standard utilities, and specialized programs which are easy enough for introducing on any device,. He reminded that the statistics of 2020 shows almost invariable superiority in the market of devices under control of OS Android. Their share makes up 70-71 %.

Almost all manufacturers of mobile devices use this operating system in the smart phones. Because of the big demand, and also presence of vulnerability, Android-devices are in demand at malefactors, – Averin underlined.

He specified that to owners of devices with iOS it is not necessary to rejoice. The situation with their gadgets too is not ideal. Despite assurances Apple of maximum safety, incidents happen. So, from time to time from “cloud” there are leaks of the user data, the expert reminded.

Averin added that before attempt of tracking from the ordinary user all smart phones in more or less equal degree are protected. The expert advises the same users of gadgets who are afraid of being spied by malefactors, to prefer devices with the demountable accumulator.