An Ashgabat resident – among the best by the results of the contest «Entertaining geography»

An Ashgabat resident – among the best by the results of the contest «Entertaining geography»

Volunteers of the Intellectual Club of Active Development located in the Russian Voronezh – «IKAR» – held for all those who are interested an intellectual online quiz «Entertaining geography».

As the Russian and Turkmen experts are connected by old friendship, from Turkmenistan special invitations were given to young admirers of intellectual games. Having used one of them, young Ashgabat citizen Danila Perga also became the participant of the event.

The young man who has recently finished joint Turkmen-Russian secondary comprehensive school named after A.S.Pushkin, as well as other sixty three participants of the competition, at first held a toss-up procedure. By its results the young man learnt names of three contenders for the qualifying round with which tournament began. In that round twenty five questions of different degree of complexity, united in five blocks, were given. The player, who guessed the thought leading geographical concept or object, should signal about readiness to answer pressing a key «+» on the keyboard of the computer. The symbol was printed in the general chat in which there was a leader and players. The right of the first answer was received by that player whose notification appeared in a chat above, than signals of contenders. To exclude possibility of search of helps, opponents did not turn off the cameras of their computers and microphones.

The first pancake of Danila was not so tricky. Knowledge and reaction did not fail the young man, and that Perga will pass into the second round with thirty two other participants, became obvious after the termination of the fourth block of questions. Having taken a small break, the Ashkhabad resident allowed competitors to reveal the second lucky contestant from the quartet.

Next day games of the second and third rounds took place. And again Danila showed worthy results. Certainly, with each following round contenders all became stronger, but that taste of a victory was more joyful for the young expert.

The final of the competition took place past Saturday. Daniel, having shown very worthy game, took as a result a high eighth place and received from game a weight of positive emotions.

Now Danila is the student of one of the Malayan universities and studies sound recording art.