American magazine has compiled a list of the five best New Year’s cartoons

American magazine has compiled a list of the five best New Year’s cartoons

The authoritative American Magazine Collider summed up the results of a survey of Hollywood stars dedicated to choosing the best cartoons about winter and New Year. According to the results of the voting of actors and directors, five works were selected, each of which will give a festive atmosphere not only to young viewers, but also to their parents.

The management of the magazine decided to place the results without distributing the pictures in the list by numbers, because each work is beautiful in its own way. The final rating includes:

Ice Age. In this cartoon of 2002, under strange circumstances a mammoth and a sloth pulling through the cold become the parents of a human child, hunted by saber-toothed predators.

The Snowman and the Snow Dog. The shortest of the works included in the rating. The film was created in 2012 with colored pencils. In the work creation, computer graphics were not practically used, applied only for the image of falling snow and lighting in some scenes. In addition, the action on the screen is without words, but with musical accompaniment. The main characters of the cartoon, going by airplane to the snowman festival, see the famous British buildings below – the Big Ben Tower, the London Eye Ferris wheel and others.

Rise of the Guardians. Another work that appeared in 2012. Those who watch the film will find out who protects our dreams and where the snow comes from. The main character Ice Jack will have to protect all the children of the Earth and return the Christmas wonders to them. Along with Jack, the characters in the film were the Easter Bunny, the Sandman, the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus and Boogeyman.

Polar Express. In the center of the 2004 cartoon there is a little boy who does not believe in miracles and, in particular, in Santa Claus. But on Christmas Eve, he gets a unique opportunity to visit the North Pole. Snatching it, he finds new friends and gets a useful lesson. The audience together with the hero will have to make an exciting journey with great number of incredible adventures.

Happy Feet. The 2006 Cartoon is about a fate of the penguin Mumble. Emperor penguins find a soulmate by singing. But one couple gives birth to a baby who is not able to sing, but his paws successfully begin to tap dance. Dancing is a real taboo for penguins and the hero becomes an outcast. However, the talent of the young Mumble brings many benefits to both his relatives and people.