American jazzmen complete tour of Turkmenistan with concerts in Ashgabat

American jazzmen complete tour of Turkmenistan with concerts in Ashgabat

The American jazz quartet Ari Roland completed a tour of Turkmenistan with a performance in Ashgabat. The musicians gathered a large number of music lovers at a concert venue in the cultural and business center of the oil and gas complex of Turkmenistan.

The public attention is focused on Ari Roland, who came to Turkmenistan for the sixth time with timeless classics of the genre.

Armstrong, Parker, Ellington – not all Turkmen listeners are familiar with these names. But they know their works from their favorite black-and-white films included in the Golden Fund of the cinema. And so the quartet on stage – double bass player Ari Roland, trombonist John Mosca, saxophonist Zaid Nasser and drummer Kate Balla are not the only performers in the hall. They are supported by the public claps, melodies and rhythmic tapping.

Sad, lingering melodies are replaced by fast dance compositions, and American jazzmen with Turkmen musicians are increasingly encouraging the public to join the jazz festival.

Jazz – the music of ordinary people, unexpectedly for many included in the “elite” art, today in Ashgabat, as before in Mary and Turkmenabad, played with new colors.

Does it sound like Turkmen melodies? No, and yes. No, because the tools and attitude are completely different, harsh, jerky, even violent. Yes, because music without words speaks on the same themes – about love, freedom, the joy of life. And it is intuitive to music lovers of all nations and ages.

On July 1, the musicians presented their work for the listeners of the American Center in Ashgabat and the guests of the jazz jam session at the Veranda restaurant.