Ambassador of Turkmenistan to Russia meets with the Governor of the Astrakhan region

Ambassador of Turkmenistan to Russia meets with the Governor of the Astrakhan region

On Friday, September 18, Batyr Niyazliev, Ambassador of Turkmenistan to the Russian Federation, had a meeting with Igor Babushkin, Governor of the Astrakhan Region.

At the beginning of the talks, the head of the region expressed his sincere gratitude to the President of Turkmenistan for the cargo of humanitarian aid sent to the Astrakhan region in such hard time of the spread of the viral infection. This gesture of goodwill was a bright evidence of close friendly relations and good-neighborliness that Turkmenistan and the Astrakhan region have at present, Babushkin emphasized.

The Governor highly appreciated the consistent, mutually beneficial development of trade and economic cooperation between Turkmenistan and the Astrakhan region, having noted that since beginning of 2020, the mutual trade turnover amounted to 6.9 million US dollars.

According to the head of the region, there are good prospects for expanding and diversifying the partnership. In particular, the Astrakhan region is ready to supply Turkmenistan with agricultural products, as well as animal and fishery products. In turn, the region has a demand for Turkmen products, including textiles, cotton fiber, polypropylene.

Igor Babushkin expects to discuss more detailed the trade and economic issues during his visit to Turkmenistan, when it will possible.

Cooperation with Turkmenistan in such areas as transport, logistics, shipbuilding, especially taking into account the decision taken by the Russian government to create a special economic port zone in the Astrakhan region, designed to become one of the largest transport and logistics hubs in southern Russia, were considered by the head of the region as highly promising.

In this context, it was noted that there are real opportunities for creating a transport and transit corridor North-South the territory of Turkmenistan. One of the components of this project is the establishment of cargo and cruise passenger traffic across the Volga River on the route Moscow – Astrakhan – ports of the Caspian states. The Governor also emphasized the importance of establishing a direct ferry service between Turkmenistan and the Astrakhan region.

Igor Babushkin said that preparations for the 2nd Caspian Economic Forum to be held in Moscow in 2021 are underway. The Caspian Media Forum, scheduled for October 30 this year in Astrakhan, dedicated to ethnocultural communications, is a part of this work.

During the conversation, a high assessment was also given to the level of cooperation between Turkmenistan and the Astrakhan region in the humanitarian sphere, one of the symbols of which is the secondary school named after Makhtumkuli that built in the village of Funtovo. Taking this opportunity, Babushkin expressed gratitude for arrangement of a Turkmen language teacher who came from Turkmenistan to work in the school.