“Altyn Asyr” was awarded the Small Cup of AFC-2018

“Altyn Asyr” was awarded the Small Cup of AFC-2018

Fans of the Turkmen club “Altyn Asyr” celebrate the presentation to the favorite team of the small cup of the Asian Football Confederation, held at the headquarters of the AFC in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur.

Here was the ceremony of awarding the winners of the AFC Cup 2018 zone tournaments.

The representative of the Altyn Asyr team of the Ministry of Communications of Turkmenistan as the winner of Group D, as well as the Central Zone, received the certificate and a small cup from AFC Secretary General Dato Windsor John.

The Turkmen club first entered the final of the AFC-2019 Cup, setting out on the way to the Kyrgyz “Alai” and Tajik “Istiqlol”, scoring the latter with a decisive goal in extra time.

Now “Altyn Asyr” is to compete with the Indian “Bengaluru”. Both sides have never played with each other. The match will take place on August 22nd on the opponent’s home field – the Sree Kanteerava stadium.

On the way to victory, the Turkmen club needs to beat its counterpart after two meetings. The return match is scheduled for August 29th, 2018.

Be that as it may, what is much more important than winning or losing – is growth, acquisition of experience and skill by Turkmen football players for long-term development of this sport in the country.