All the colors of the East and a little bit of virtuality: Ashgabat people are acquainted with the culture of Saudi Arabia

All the colors of the East and a little bit of virtuality: Ashgabat people are acquainted with the culture of Saudi Arabia

As part of Culture Days of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Turkmenistan, the Museum of Fine Arts hosted exhibitions of engravings and photographs. The guests had a chance to learn more about multi-faceted heritage, traditions and modern art of this country as well as about its modern life.

What do we know about the culture of the kingdom of the Arabian Peninsula? Bedouins and calligraphy immediately come to mind… But the culture of Saudi Arabia is much richer and deeper than just preservation of folklore and customs.

Today, during the opening ceremony, there was a slight agiotage in the exhibition hall of the Museum of Fine Arts. Those gathered were looking for something special and exotic.

The guests have not beem disappointed over: one of the main museums of Turkmenistan turned into an interactive cultural zone, where it was possible to touch or even try the taste of each exponent.

Here, those attended were suggested the Arabian tea, famous for its strong taste, were treated by oriental sweets; the viewers were offered to feel themselves as artists or take a tour around Saudi Arabia with glasses of virtual reality. Visitors to the exhibition of all ages were delighted – the opportunity to touch the art is worth a lot, especially if it is a material touch.

Men stood in a queue for VR glasses to see the sightseeing of the peninsula, while the female wanted to be acquainted with mehndi art. The youth surrounded the masters who painted a large canvas, while the very young guests were interested in the Saudis themselves, who looked stately and colorful in their national dress and Kufiya scarves.

The noisy exhibition looked like an oriental bazaar – bright colors, laughter, and excitement everywhere. The organizers were open for chatting and were ready to explain every little thing, every symbolic dash in the paintings and posters.

While leaving, the guests promised to come to the exhibition at the next day, along with relatives and friends, as they were so impressed with the warm welcome and the amazing work of Arab masters.

The exhibition will run until April 21, admission is free. Come to the Museum of Fine Arts with your family members, you would be pleased a lot!