«All of us are flowers of one bouquet» – about brotherhood of peoples in one poem

«All of us are flowers of one bouquet» – about brotherhood of peoples in one poem

«Yes, if one should live in this world, then it is only among friends» – these lines belong to the national poet of Karakalpakstan and Uzbekistan Tleubergen Zhumamuratov, they were written many years ago, but even today do not lose their significance. Creativity of the Uzbek lyric poet basically is devoted to the topic of good neighbourhood and therefore it would not be superfluous to remember the unique personality of the poet.

Tleubergen Zhumamuratov was born and grew up in the village of Akdarya of Muynaksky district of Kara-Kalpak. He possessed an infallible memory and knew by heart many dastans and eposes. The habitue of musical competitions, Tleubergen could play national instruments. When he was a young man, the glory of him, a great poet and storyteller, went far beyond Kara-Kalpak and Uzbekistan.

Turkic singers and poets, who heard of his rare talent, aspired to meet this person of natural gifts and invite him to a creative competition. Tleubergen bravely participated in poetic duels even with the most venerable masters of poetry and more often such meetings came to an end with friendship of skilled writers with the young storyteller.

– In our house there were always many visitors, – remember the daughter of poet Dilyara Zhumamuratova. – Poets, writers, actors, artists from the most different republics. The creative intelligence conducted conversations about art, stories and when the father took in hands the dutar, then as children – we became attentive listeners of bakhshi. We adopted traditions of house hospitality – numerous friends from Moscow, Ashgabat, Ufa and areas of Uzbekistan remember kindliness of our parents. The father often advised the youth and helped young talents to go further in life.

Studying the creativity of the classic of Uzbek literature, it is possible to meet the verses telling about relationship of the people of Kara-Kalpak, Uzbekistan and adjoining areas of Turkmenistan, for example, a poem «Turkmen dostuma» (to my Turkmen friend). Here an interlinear translation of its fragment:

Explain me the sense of these lines:
«Dzheyilhan – the ancestor of the Kara-Kalpak,
Seyilkhan – the ancestor of the Turkmen,
Kara-Kalpak – the Turkmen’s brother»

We are brothers for Turkmens, we are brothers for Uzbeks,
All of us are flowers of one bouquet.
Your language is similar to the language of my ancestors,
I want to take pleasure in its sounding.

This year Turkmenistan marks the 25th anniversary of its Neutrality and this event finds an echo in many countries of the world. Displays of films are held, articles devoted to the anniversary and friendship between the peoples are published. Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan value traditions of good neighbourhood, in the territory of two brotherly states, Turkmens, Uzbeks, Kara-Kalpaks and representatives of other nationalities live as one people.

In honour of centuries-old friendship of two people in Tashkent the monument to Turkmen poet-classic Mahtumkuli was established, and in April, 2018 in the Uzbek capital the cultural-entertaining park “Ashgabat” was opened.