Ahal-Teke horses conquer Germany

Ahal-Teke horses conquer Germany

The owner of the Ahal-Teke stud farm in the German Wildberg – Edwin Boyerle held an open day with a show of horses of the famous breed.

On Sunday, June 2nd, numerous horse fans set off to the Achal Tekkiner stable in the valley between the Wildberg Gultlingen area and Holzbronn (south-west of Germany, on the border with France and Switzerland). The Consul of Turkmenistan in Frankfurt was present at the event as the guest of honor.

The diplomat praised the impressive and painstaking work of the owner of the plant with the Ahal-Teke breed of horses gaining popularity in Germany, whose historical homeland is Turkmenistan and where they are called “winged”.

He also told the audience that there is a national holiday in honor of the noble racers in Turkmenistan, which is widely celebrated every year. Numerous exhibitions, horse beauty contests and, of course, exciting horse racing competitions are timed to it.

Visitors to the Achal Tekkiner plant also learned how Turkmen anxiously treat their racers, whose image is perpetuated in folklore and numerous proverbs.

Guests, especially little ones, with great pleasure took the opportunity to ride in horse-drawn carriages and take part in many other entertainments. The mood for all was created by live music. A surprise for visitors was the drawing of a one-day excursion trip to the factory and a weekly summer vacation program for children.