Agriculture in Turkmenistan is becoming more technological

Agriculture in Turkmenistan is becoming more technological

In January-September, the farms of Turkmenistan increased the volume of mechanized work in plant growing by 61.8% compared to the same period last year. Such data are provided by the State Committee on Statistics of the country.

These data indicate that agriculture in Turkmenistan is becoming more technological. This increases the yield and quality of agricultural products, increases the number of jobs for highly qualified specialists – machine operators.

These indicators were achieved mainly due to the purchase of modern agricultural machinery by the state. High-tech tractors, combines and other units are distributed across the regions of the country. Local administrations, in turn, send them to the fields of tenants, helping them to carry out the planned agricultural work on time and with high quality.

The increase in mechanized work has an effect on vegetable growing, waste farming, and the growing of fruits and berries. So, in January-September, in the farms of Turkmenistan, 8.4% more vegetables were harvested, melons – 10.1%, fruits and berries – 7.6%.

In order to improve the technological effectiveness of agriculture, the Turkmen Agricultural University is actively cooperating with the American company John Deer. The training center of this company operates on the basis of the Turkmen university. Here, students in practice master advanced agricultural technologies, learn to maximize the potential of modern technology in the climatic conditions of Turkmenistan.

The latest curricula and materials are used when training specialists for agriculture in Turkmenistan. University graduates receive not only practical skills, but are also able to independently conduct experiments to find the best methods of growing crops using high-tech devices.