After a two-year pause, Turkmen oil returned to Makhachkala

After a two-year pause, Turkmen oil returned to Makhachkala

After a break of almost two years, the transshipment of Turkmen oil resumed at Makhachkala Commercial Sea Port (MITI). The Russian media spread this news with reference to the Assistant General Director of the ISCC Alik Abdulgamidov.

ORIENT in April 2018 in the article “Will Turkmen oil return to Makhachkala?” told why Turkmenistan stopped oil transshipment through the Dagestan port. The fact is that the Turkmen companies were one of the first to refuse the services of ММТП because of the abuses that occurred at the Dagnefteprodukt enterprise, which received, stored and delivered oil to the Transneft pipeline system.

Turkmen oil traders then found out that after the delivery of “black gold” to this enterprise, its quantity inexplicably decreases, and the quality deteriorates. They decided to not put up with this situation and completely abandoned the services of “Dagnefteprodukt”, redirecting oil flows through Baku. Other companies followed the Turkmen example.

ORIENT then stressed that after the appointment of the State Duma’s Deputy Speaker Vladimir Vasilyev as the acting head of Dagestan, the situation in the port of Makhachkala began to change for the better. However, in order to restore the confidence of oil traders, and first of all, the Turkmen ones, more will have to be done. And it seems that Dagestanis did it – to return the trust of partners.

The first six thousand tons of Turkmen oil, after a two-year break, were delivered on the tanker Aladzha to the port of Makhachkala. At this time, the crew was waiting for the approach of two more ships — the VF Tanker-21 and Hazar.

According to Abdulgamidov, the Turkmen “black gold” on tankers across the Caspian Sea arrives at the port of Makhachkala and, through the equipment available at the berths, the Dagnefteprodukt corporation pumps it into reservoirs. From there, the raw material, through the trunk pipelines of the Transneft company, goes directly to consumers.

The other day, an interview with journalists was given by MTP General Director Murad Khidirov, who said that the volume of oil transshipment of Turkmen oil in 2019 should exceed one and a half million tons.

One can understand the leadership of the Makhachkala Commercial Sea Port, which tells in so much detail about the return of Turkmen oil to Makhachkala. After all, with the Turkmen “black gold”, not only financial means return to the port, but also a good name and honest business reputation. And in business it is more important than money.