Afghanistan signed a contract with a Kazakh company for the railway construction

Afghanistan signed a contract with a Kazakh company for the railway construction

The Afghanistan Railways Authority has concluded an agreement with the Kazakh Company Inkon-KZ to build a 43-kilometer railway section.

The forthcoming work is an integral part of the 225-kilometer Khaf – Herat railway project passing through the territories of Iran and Afghanistan. To date, the construction of two sections with an aggregate length of 76 kilometers across Iran has been completed.

A railroad section from the Iranian border to Goryan County in Herat with the length of 62 kilometers is under construction. Then work will begin on the fourth site, an agreement on which was signed with the Kazakhstan Company which will carry out the construction of a road passing through Goryan, Zenda Jan and Injil counties and adjacent to Rabat Paryan county.

The duration of the fourth railway section construction, according to preliminary estimates, will be 16 months. The cost of the work was estimated at 58.5 million dollars funded by the Afghan Government. During the agreement signing ceremony, which took place in the Presidential Palace Arg, Minister of Transport of Afghanistan Yama Yari informed that so far funds have been found to implement the final project phase.

Italy promises to provide funds for the construction of the last 64-kilometer section of the railway. The introduction of the railway into operation will expand the participation of Afghanistan in international trade. It is estimated that during the first 5 years of operation, the project will allow for the transportation of approximately 6.5 million tons of various goods, and Afghanistan’s annual income from the railway transportations will be 64 million dollars.

It should be noted that the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Tajikistan railway is to become a significant link in international transportation business between the states of the Asian region. The Kerki-Imamnazar (Turkmenistan) – Akina (Afghanistan) section, the first phase of the Trans-Asian transport corridor, was commissioned in November 2016. The total length of this section of the transnational route is 88 kilometers, 85 of which passes through the territory of our country, and other three kilometers run between the border points Imamnazar and Akina.

Turkmen specialists also laid a section of the railway line from Imamnazar to Akina in Afghanistan, and today they continue to actively participate in development of the infrastructure of the Akina railway station. In addition, Turkmen railway builders are actively engaged in the training of Afghan personnel to service the railway.

Turkmenistan also built a railway line on its own from the Serhatabat station (Kushka) to the Afghan dry port Turgundi. Turkmenistan’s assistance to neighboring Afghanistan in development of the railway infrastructure will in the future enable this country to connect to the transport corridor from China to the Persian Gulf.