Afghan Government has questions for the US and Taliban agreement

Afghan Government has questions for the US and Taliban agreement

The Government of Afghanistan is concerned about the consequences of the agreement which draft was agreed by the US and the Taliban radical movement, Afghanistan President’s Representative Sedik Sedikki declared.

“The Afghan Government supports any progress in the peace process that will ensure a sustainable peace and lead to the end of the war, but the main concern of the Government of Afghanistan is about the US agreement with the Taliban”, Sedikki wrote on Twitter.

He emphasized that the main concerns arose about how the main risks associated with the agreement would be prevented.

“The Afghan government is concerned and therefore needs clarification on this document so that we can analyze undesirable risks and prevent the occurrence of dangerous consequences”, he added.

It was reported earlier that the United States and the Taliban agreed on a 11-clause draft settlement agreement which, following its finalization, will be signed by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Taliban political office head in Doha Mullah Baradar.

A report was also made in July this year that after the signing of an agreement, negotiations are to start between official Kabul and the Taliban. The Uzbek city of Samarkand was called the most likely venue for these negotiations. Norway which promised excellent conditions for negotiations also proposed hosting the inter-Afghan negotiations. It is during these negotiations that the integration of the Taliban into the political system of Afghanistan will be decided.

The US and the Taliban held nine rounds of talks in Qatar. The parties expect to reach an agreement on the terms of US troops’ withdrawal from the country, in exchange for guarantees not to use Afghan territory to attack the United States or other countries.