Additional classes: what to do with a child before and after school classes

Additional classes: what to do with a child before and after school classes

The school season is coming; very soon, first-year schoolchildren with new backpacks will walk along the streets of the city. And, of course, senior and middle-year school students who are used to school schedule will join them.

Should a child deal with a school program only? After all, the knowledge should always be gained based on the interests of a kid.

Someone likes to read books in foreign languages; while others like to do all kind of sports. Each child has an ability that need to be noticed at the right time. Moreover, the parents are responsible for the all-round education of the child.

How to understand what the child keens to do, what he likes to do and what he would like to learn? Let us try to figure it out.

There is a huge number of various classes and hobby groups in Ashgabat. The only thing is to make your mind up what a time of day your little genius would attend the classes.

Active children usually choose sports activity such as combat sambo, karate, boxing, tennis, swimming. Sports-oriented children can visit the fitness center in Mir 2 district that offers a great variety of groups from gymnastics to break dance.

Dance and Sports Club “Tandem” will welcome with its new swimming section. They can teach your child to swim and do not be afraid of water and keep the body under control.

The summer fitness season for the kids at the age of 3-5 is at its height. The “Beauty fit club” offers the development of strength, stamina and agility.

If the child is hyperactive, then the physical training in the secondary school would not be enough for him. “Fit dance” classes with elements of Latin American dances and aerobics for children at the age of 10-15 will assist to manage the energy for their good. It is also convenient that the course is designed for three classes per week. Training holds in the first half of the day, which is just good for senior high school student who study at the secondary school in the afternoon.

Art courses, including private classes and visiting the popular Rodoguna Arts Club, are recommended for the fans of painting, without spoiling home wallpapers. There are drawing group for children at the age of 4-7, drawing and painting group – for the children at the age of 8+. In senior groups, there are no age restrictions. It is worth to note that the art school has a new address.

The groups on development of actor’s abilities, ear for music, rhythm and others are offered by the Academy of Arts. In addition, there are classes on study of foreign languages, mathematics, spelling and computer literacy.

Svetlana MAYAK