Actual colors of the coming New Year – trends of the White Metal Ox

Actual colors of the coming New Year – trends of the White Metal Ox

The upcoming New Year 2021 is the year of the White Metal Ox. And many who believe in the positive impact of symbols are interested in the question of what colors are relevant for it and what color in clothes to prefer on the New Year’s Eve so that good luck accompanies throughout the year.

According to experts, the Year of Ox is associated with nature and naturalness, so shades such as white, metallic, gray, silver will be the most relevant in the coming year. Sandy and chocolate, that is, the color of the bull or the ground on which it walks, and shades of green associated with grass will also be on trend.

But that’s not all. The outfits of pale pink or blue shades, reminiscent of flowers in a meadow, should be kept in mind. But bright colors are better to put aside. According to experts, they can greatly “anger” the “symbol of the year”.

The fabrics for the New Year’s attire should also be natural, and jewelry should be made of gold or silver. The same color should be used in the design of the New Year’s interior, while maintaining simplicity and compactness. The house can be decorated with statuettes made of wood, glass or self-made original handicrafts from natural materials. It is best to decorate the house in a trendy country style. It is this style that combines simplicity and chastity.

It is recommended to place on the top of the Main New Year’s Tree in 2021 not a red star, but what corresponds to the year’s color.