Actors of the Russian youth theater on the Ashgabat stage again

Actors of the Russian youth theater on the Ashgabat stage again

On June 13-14, the artists of the Youth Experimental Theater “Workshop of NL Skorik” will perform at the Alp Arslan Turkmen National Youth Theater. They will present to the audience the play by Anton Chekhov “Summer Pleasures” and “Vaudeville” by N. A. Nekrasov.

As fans of the theater noted in their reviews about “Country Pleasures”, “this performance blows summer warmth, country comfort … The performance is put in a minimum of scenery, and most of the time without them, but they were not needed – the actors chained all attention.”

The Experimental Theater was founded by the graduate of the Moscow Art Theater School Nikolai Skorik on the basis of the theater-directing faculty of the Moscow State Institute of Culture. The audience showed such a great interest in the performances of the young team that it was left as a theater. He became the first of its kind professional theater at the university. Among the teachers who worked with the course are such famous names as Nikita Vysotsky, Irina Miroshnichenko, Irina Apeksimova and others.

– Nikolai Skorik owns the keys of a complex psychological theater, because he is faithful to the great Mkhatovskaya Tradition. He received the lessons of this Tradition from the hands of Masters, who directly created and carefully preserved it, – says Irina Miroshnichenko, the artistic director of the theater.

During its existence, the theater has released 10 performances. In June last year, he presented in Ashgabat the production of “Hello, Vladimir Vysotsky!”.