Active weekend: how President Berdimuhamedov spends his spare time

Active weekend: how President Berdimuhamedov spends his spare time

The Watan News Program of the Turkmen State Television and Radio showed how President Berdimuhamedov visited the Akhalteke Horse Breeding Complex on Saturday to practice horse riding. This is a long-standing hobby of the Turkmen leader, in which he certainly succeeded. He often begins the weekend morning with a horse ride.

Then the head of state went to train at the Olympic Park of Ashgabat, where the leaders of law enforcement agencies joined him. Such joint trainings are also often practiced by the Turkmen President in order to once again stimulate officials to follow a more active lifestyle, attracting them to the participation in mass bike rides, mountain climbing and other sporting events.

In addition to the gym, the Turkmen leader visited the bowling alley in the Olympic Park.

Bowling has recently started to develop in Turkmenistan as a sport. Nevertheless, the National Bowling Federation is already operating, and Turkmen bowlers are competing in international tournaments.

In general, on the initiative of Berdimuhamedov, new for Turkmenistan sports are quickly appearing in the country. Once, the head of state said that we already have figure skating, hockey and skating teams, why not we open such sport as curling?

And now the Curling Federation has already been established, the recruitment of teams has begun, and relations are developed with foreign experts in this field. There are camps for winter sports not only in Ashgabat, where several professional ice arenas operate, but also in Avaza.

So, having such the sporting President, Turkmenistan becomes an active sports center in the region, hosting up to the world level competitions.

But not by sport alone… Berdymuhamedov devoted Sunday hours to musical creativity together with his grandson. The head of state listened to new compositions made by the young man in the recording studio, and played musical instruments. The grandfather and grandson sang together the very popular in the 80s Garagum song by Igor Saruhanov, but in an updated arrangement.