“Achieving world peace is my biggest dream …”

“Achieving world peace is my biggest dream …”

In 2012, on Victory Day, when I worked as a representative of the Iranian News Agency Farsnews, I met a participant in the celebration, a veteran of the Great Patriotic War, Pyotr Nikitovich Kolesnikov.

Pyotr Nikitovich was in a uniform that was full of orders and medals, he was sitting on a bench and his hands were full of flowers and gifts.

I went up to him and he, laughing heartily, greeted me – that is how we met. I introduced myself and said that I wanted to prepare an article about his life and front days, which will be published on the website of the Farsnews News Agency for the Iranian-speaking readers, and Pyotr Nikitovich agreed with pleasure. An interview with him was published in May 2012 on the website www.farsnews.ir. The article received a great response from Iranian, Afghan and other Persian-speaking audiences.

Pyotr Nikitovich then told about days at the front and sometimes he couldn’t help crying, while remembering his front-line friends who died on the battlefield, who did not return to their families.

“I very much sorry that I could not stay with my comrades until the end of the war as I was seriously hurt in the arm. So many years have passed since the Victory, but the memory of those days has remained with me forever,” Pyotr Nikitovich said.

The veteran, born on December 28, 1924, was a bright and kind person, and in response to my question: “What is your biggest dream?” he replied that the most important thing for him is to achieve world peace.

Why did I suddenly remember Pyotr Nikitovich Kolesnikov and my acquaintance with him?

On July 22, he has passed away… At the age of 96, he quitted this life and left the brightest memories of himself along with advice, which message is to value that we now have peaceful skies over our head and enjoy a happy and peace life. May your memory live for ever, dear Pyotr Nikitovich, and thank you for the Victory!

Djanmamed GULAMOV