A vessel started for clearing of the channel of the Murgab

A vessel started for clearing of the channel of the Murgab

Within the limits of the joint project of the Executive committee of the International Fund for Saving the Aral Sea (IFAS) and the Regional Environmental Centre for Central Asia (CAREC) with support of the USAID «Smart Waters: Water, education and cooperation» on the bank of the Murgab near settlement Dashkopri the suction-tube dredge Miass 400/40 – a vessel intended for cleaning of the channel and strengthening of its banks coast was commissioned into operation.

The project’s purpose – to clean the river bed from silts and to prevent flooding of nearby settlements and the railway, and also reduction of a useful area of the littoral areas as a result of progradation. The unit sucks away silt and fine-grained rocks from the bottom of the channel of the Murgab to the bank. Further this mix will be applied to strengthening of dams.

Besides it, the dredger will filter the water arriving in the Saryaz water basin in a group of suction dredgers planned to purchase by the State Committee of Water Management of Turkmenistan for cleaning of the bowl of the reservoir.

The Murgab – the second-large river of Turkmenistan. Rising in Afghanistan, with its wide stream it spreads through the plain of Handepe and 530 km bears its waters to the northwest. The average drain of the waterway makes about 6,5 % from the general water consumption in the country, and basically is used for irrigation of the adjoining cultivated lands.