A sugar picture or how to eat a photo

A sugar picture or how to eat a photo

Bright pictures of famous cartoon-heroes and beauties-princesses on confectionery draw to themselves the attention not only sweet tooths, but also the people who usually pass by pies. The highlight of similar «sweet tasting foods» is that the images put on the surface of sweets, are edible.

The wafer and sugar photo printing has been introduced in Turkmenistan rather recently, but has already won a great popularity. Besides, on the eve of New Year’s holidays such unusually prepared entertainment can become an exclusive ornament of the table.

The food paper for a photo printing superficially resembles usual sheet and has some shades: white, yellowish and grey. The wafer variant of a paper is absolutely insipid, and sugar – is a little sweetish. To all other, the product has no smell, is harmless to health, and possesses low caloric content.

Process of the “edible” press is simple enough: the sheet of format А-4 is located in a special printer filled with food color ink from natural dyes which puts a photo or any other image on a paper.

– The customer can choose any subjects for the design of confectionery, – the worker of a food photo printing in Turkmenistan tells. – Among set of technologies of drawing of a picture on a pie advantage is given to a food paper as it is completely harmless. Certainly, work with these two materials – wafer and sugar – has its peculiarities, but as a whole it is an excellent choice for ornament of sweets.

For the all procedure of transferring of a picture onto a pie it takes about an hour. On a sugar paper, unlike wafer which because of porous structure absorbs in itself a paint, the print turns out brighter and live.

Selbi Charyeva