A student from Ashgabat became a volunteer of the year in Belarus: what inspires him for a kind gesture?

A student from Ashgabat became a volunteer of the year in Belarus: what inspires him for a kind gesture?

Having experienced the fast rhythm life, sometimes we do not notice the problems and troubles of other people. But there are those who care about the illness of someone’s child, abandoned old man, homeless animal, or about a fire, a flood, a natural disaster, after all … At such difficult moments, volunteers – people who are ready to support not in word but in deed – come to help.

Ilyas Yalkapov from Ashgabat began volunteering seven years ago at the Y-PEER Youth Center. Currently, the young man is studying at the Mogilev State University named after A.A. Kuleshov, Belarus, for the specialty “Economist”. Being abroad, Ilyas did not leave a mission to help people. Once, he noticed an announcement that the Mogilev Red Cross needs volunteers and went there.

Under the auspices of the organization “Kind Heart” and the Mogilev Red Cross, a Turkmen citizen, along with other volunteers, visits children’s hospitals, schools and orphanages, where he organizes cheerful holidays and presents gifts. Ilyas is also engaged in clown therapy, an activity aimed at the socio-cultural rehabilitation of children in hospitals by art therapy.

The volunteer also assists to organize charity fairs and concerts where funds are raised to help children in hospices and orphanages.

In 2018, the Ashgabat citizen was awarded in Belarus by the Infant’s Home as a Volunteer of the Year, and in 2019, he was awarded by University Diploma. The mother of Ilyas received a letter of thanks from the International Red Cross at the UN.for the good deeds of her son.

“It is hard to describe what I feel when I help children and see their happy smiles in response,” Ilyas shared with us. “There are moments that inspire you to make the world a better place.”

– You have such an active life. What do you do when you have free time out of studying at the university and volunteer activities, if you have any?

– Of course, I have a free time (he laughs). Recently graduated from the school of anchorpersons. Also, I am active in the gym. I like to listen to good music, met with my friends in a cafe for a cup of tea.

On the New Year Eve, Ilyas will again go to orphanages and hospitals, where in a costume of Santa Claus he will congratulate the kids and present them sweet gifts.