A revived Oriental fairy tale of love, Or about the greatest discovery of an outstanding scientist

Who could believe in such thing that it is possible to find in the enlightened 20th century somebody an unknown civilization?

After all times of great geographical discovery fanned by romanticism when impetuous explorers and pirates, seafarers and scientists-cartographers violently searched for that would move apart frameworks of our data on the mysterious earths and knowledge shrouded in mystery for a long time have sunk into oblivion.

And here suddenly – whole terra incognita! The huge universe of the legends which have become by a reality, opening a mysterious face to the scientific world.

It is the ancient country of Margush or Margiana – so it was after the own fashion nicknamed by fathers of history after Alexander the Great’s campaigns. Though about it – and earlier something was known. But it was myths and legends. The facts were not confirmed with science.

Thousand and thousand archaeologists conduct researches on the entire planet in search of not learnt, something significant for science. But, alas! Not everyone manages to make discovery.

He dreamt also, passionately believed that it is secret Margiana – all way it is. He, as the one who has lost reason from love a young man from an oriental fairy tales and poems, selflessly searched for It. And, despite of everything, any way he found, having proved to the whole world that it – not a fruit of his imagination. And now it, thanking his discovery, will always live.

It is a great scientist-archaeologist Victor Ivanovich Sarianidi, who has discovered for the whole world mysterious Margiana. And this scientific fact, without any doubts is the greatest archaeological event of the 20th century.

I again and again ask a question: who could believe, that Margiana is not a myth, not a fruit of violent imagination of poets and annalists?

And furthermore that the great power of planetary value could prosper almost in the centre of Kara Kum – huge and lifeless desert.

But a still young, but already mature scientist, Victor Sarianidi, in the late sixties – the beginning of 70-ties, heart pulled there – to the Kara Kum. Where he also found It.

Many scientists dreamt to find at least any hints on Its existence. But whimsical and mistrustful Margiana remained hidden from their looks.

He really loved It and It loved him, revealing one for another the secrets.

Last years, despite illnesses and age, Victor Ivanovich over and over again came to the hot Kara Kum once again to meet it. And such minutes he said that he dreams to be buried here, in the centre of Margiana, recognised as scientific community as fifth centre of world civilisation, along with ancient Egypt, India, China and Mesopotamia.

The close friends and Victor Ivanovich Sarianidi’s fellow colleagues have established a monument – in the site of ancient settlement of Gonurdepe – capital of ancient Margiana – there where this outstanding scientist spent his best years and made the main discovery – the greatest from the point of view of modern science.

And as in an oriental fairy tale loving each other even after the end of their days on the earth they remain together as he and it will be inseparable – in proceedings and in memory of grateful descendants.

Alexander Bayriyev

Today, on November 25, in the main building of the Museum of the East, at the address: 12 A , Nikitsky Avenue, Moscow, at 13.00 will be held a round table devoted to the 90th anniversary of outstanding archaeologist Victor Ivanovich Sarianidi.

Participants and visitors of the round table can first visit the exhibition «Brilliant Margiana» in which exhibits from archive of the scientist will be presented, anthropological reconstruction, photographic materials about archaeological excavations in Turkmenistan and Afghanistan, and also about work of restorers on the unique mosaics found in Gonurdepe – capital Margiana.