A passenger facial recognition technology to be launched at airport in China

A passenger facial recognition technology to be launched at airport in China

Shanghai-based China Eastern Airlines will become the first carrier globally to use 5G networks, China Daily reports. The technology will be implemented at Beijing Daxing International Airport and will help passengers achieve paperless travel with the integration of 5G networks and artificial intelligence.

The development of 5G and other smart, convenient services has been a major trend for the aviation industry in recent years, and global carriers are striving to develop such services.

Passengers can get a one-time facial recognition registration with the self-help machines at Daxing airport, and then they will be able to go through all the processes, including ticket purchases, check-ins, bag checks, security checks, and boarding, by facial recognition. There is no need to show any identification documents.

At the various smart machines in the Daxing airport, passengers can check flight status and gate information, weather conditions of their destination, and the rough time needed to walk from certain locations to their boarding gates.

China Eastern will also introduce battery-free electronic baggage-checking tags that are like an ID card for the suitcase. It will allow passengers to track the luggage status on their mobile phones.

When passengers arrive at the airport, they can self-check-in the luggage with the e-tag and self-service machines, and check luggage status by scanning the bar code during the whole process of bag transportation. According to China Eastern, after pilot operations at Daxing, the carrier will use e-tags at more major routes and hub airports in China.

By March 2020, most of airlines flights will be transferred to Daxing.