A new way to kill cancer cells is found

A new way to kill cancer cells is found

American scientists have found a new way to kill cancer cells, RIA Novosti reports.

Experts have shown that blocking the construction of nuclear pores complexes, which control the flow of materials in and out of the cell nucleus, shrank aggressive tumors while leaving healthy cells unharmed.

The researchers tested this hypothesis by transplanting human tumor cells that are unable to form nuclear pore complexes into mice. The scientists found that all of these mice had smaller tumors and slower tumor growth.

“We showed that the inability to build nuclear pore channels is devastating for rapidly-growing cancer cells, but doesn’t seem to have an impact on healthy cells, which simply halt their growth, and then recover,” Stephen Sakuma, one of authors of the study, says.

The scientists say that findings provide an important proof of concept that this approach could lead to a new type of cancer treatment, which might be especially beneficial for aggressive or metastatic cancers.