A new Turkmen-Tranzit patent: electronic payments to be more efficient with TT.Gate

A new Turkmen-Tranzit patent: electronic payments to be more efficient with TT.Gate

TT.Gate software is a patented software of the IT specialists of Turkmen-Tranzit Economic Society , which facilitates the payment of goods and services at ordinary banking terminals. The TT.Gate payment aggregator allows you to pay a mobile credit, any public service charges, and even to pay a new bag cost through the terminal.

TT.Gate is an intermediary between the client who pays for the service, the organization whose service is paid, and the bank where the payment arrives at the end. It “recognizes” the payment of the client and sends information about it to the necessary authorities.

The operation passes several stages, but it takes seconds for the client.

According to the inventor of the software, Anton Sidorov, Head of the Department for Development and Implementation of Payment Systems of Turkmen-Tranzit Company, any organization can join TT.Gate – municipal services, traffic police, private traders, etc. For this, they should contact Turkmen-Tranzit Company and sign a contract. After registration, the user will have access to all money movement data, statements of money operations and other information that previously had to be taken from the bank.

– TT.Gate will be of interest to those who want to directly control the movement of electronic funds in their segment. This, of course, is the public sector. For example, the public services sector. They have many small debtors who cannot go out during working hours and queue up for paying. They can pay as flat payment for the whole period. Therefore, they will be able to pay for services, for example, going down in the lobby of their house.

Now, to pay for each service, state and private enterprises should register a separate terminal. TT.Gate facilitates the whole procedure. One terminal – several payments. Fast, easy and cheap.

– We somehow had to deal with the bank on issue related to the connection of municipal services to the payment terminals. It can be launched as, for example, AshEnergo or Gas Service that has its own billing system did it. We can connect to this system, and all these and many other services can be paid through one terminal … For example, you come to the grocery store. And there is a sign “Pay here” with the logo of a company or public service. So, you can make a such payment through the terminal. For example, to pay a mobile credit.

It should be noted that TT.Gate is not a private link. It works in connection with a bank and supports ISO 8583 international standard, which reduces the cost of making changes to the terminal equipment software.

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