A new settlement has commisioned in the Caspian province of Turkmenistan

A new settlement has commisioned in the Caspian province of Turkmenistan

In Balkan province, the Caspian province of Turkmenistan, a new village was built. Today, a festive celebration on occasion of the commissioning of the complex of residential, social and other facilities was held. The governor of the region, Yaztagan Gylydjov, and other heads took part in the opening ceremony of the new village.

The village is named Rovach, which means Prosperous from Turkmen. It is located in Serdar region (formerly Kizyl-Arvat).

About three hundred individual houses were built for the residents. Under the turnkey project, in cottages, kitchens are equipped with all necessary household appliances, rooms are furnished, as well as garages for vehicles and other auxiliary facilities to live in rural area are provided.

Each household has an area for small fruit trees garden and to grow vegetables, as well as for farm-breeding and for fodder storage, etc. In addition, there is the traditional clay oven to bake the national bread – churek – in the courtyard.

The social infrastructure of the new village includes a polyclinic equipped with modern medical equipment, a kindergarten and a school that meet the “city” standards, a cultural center with various creative studios, trade and consumer services facilities, a telephone station, a water treatment plant, etc.

As a part of the New Home Celebration day in Rovach, there were colorful national customs and holiday rituals that over the centuries have not lost their essence – to unite people, to raise the spirit of collectivism and community in the wake of fun and joy.

The construction of new villages in Turkmenistan is one of the vectors of regional policy aimed at organizing the life of peripheral territories through the development of local government, labor potential, and small and medium business.