A new name on the Turkmen music stage – and let the stars light up!

A new name on the Turkmen music stage – and let the stars light up!

The most eventful May concert season at the Maya Kulieva Turkmen National Conservatory has completed. Among the large number of performances, many especially remember the solo concert of a young talented violinist – an alumna of TNC Selbi Mulkamanova. It was remembered by the birth of a new name for the general public…

Selbi grew up in an atmosphere of music – her grandfather played the dutar, her mother worked in a Symphony Orchestra and taught at a music school. The girl also manifested outstanding abilities: musicality, imaginative thinking and great diligence – qualities necessary for mastering the violin, one of the most complex classical instruments, attracted the attention of teachers.

Immediately after graduating from music school, she managed to enter the Conservatory, bypassing the secondary special level, which happens quite rarely. Being the student of TNC, Selbi joined the youth orchestra under the direction of Rasul Klychev. She had a chance to visit the festival with this group in the summer of 2019 named after Richard Wagner in Bayreuth (Germany).

Selbi’s May concert was a creative report of a talented alumna to her mentors. It was opened with a solemn, brilliant “Polonaise” by Henryk Wieniawski – the great Polish composer and violinist. From the very first notes, the audience was immersed in a mysterious and beautiful world that combines different musical styles.

In two pieces by Jan Sibelius – “Souvenir” and “Mazurka” – Selbi fascinated the audience with the original violin sound and unusual characteristic intonations. The Turkmen “Poem” by Adrian Shaposhnikov was also expressively performed. A solo from Pyotr Tchaikovsky’s ballet “The Sleeping Beauty” soaked the audience into the inexplicable charm of the noblest states of the human soul.

Another work deserves special attention – this is the magnificent, fabulous “Violin Concerto” by Sergei Prokofiev. Performed by Selbi Mulkamanova it charmed the audience with its captivating beauty, like a rare gemstone in a wonderful setting.

Accompanist Stella Faramazova deserves the special appreciations. Senior teacher of the Department of Chamber Ensemble of the Conservatory, a diplomat of various international competitions, an experienced musician, as a mentor to young, aspiring musicians, she rendered great assistance and support to Selbi Mulkamanova in preparing and conducting her solo concert.

However, Selbi was not only a soloist: together with students of TNC, cellists Ailara Annamuradova and Ailara Hojalekova she performed in one of the numbers as part of the trio “Armoniko”. And the presentation of the new ensemble had a success. They performed the works of Astor Piazzolla – young talented musicians managed to show a delicious harmony, challenging freshness of melodies and rhythms in the genre of Argentine tango!

The entire concert was held as a light spring gust, bringing the breath of a new day into the musical life of the country. Beautiful works, rarely performed by professionals, were listened by pupils of music schools, students of the Conservatory and Academy of music, even teachers succumbed to the charm of Selbi’s talent, very modest in life and pathetically magnificent on the stage.

Judging by the tremendous applause, shouts of “Bravo!” and enthusiastic responses, the concert made an unforgettable impression on the audience, which is now looking forward to new meetings with violinist Selbi Mulkamanova, whose abilities promise many more discoveries.