A new kindergarten was opened in the district of Ashgabat – Mir 7

A new kindergarten was opened in the district of Ashgabat – Mir 7

This year, the beginning of autumn fell on Sunday, but is it a reason to cancel the celebration of the Day of knowledge?

September 2 became the significant day for all schoolchildren, students and preschoolers. In the morning, happy and elegant children walked hand in hand with their parents to educational institutions of the country.

Today is a special day for kids living in the Ashgabat district – Mir 7, they went to a new kindergarten.

Light two-storeyed building of kindergarten #134 is decorated with bright balls, colorful ribbons. There is a jaunty music. All this shows here that today the children have a double holiday – the ceremonial opening and the Day of knowledge. The kindergarten is designed for 160 places, including a nursery for kids from the age of 1.5 and groups for elder children.

Since the morning, guests have already gathered here to congratulate the “new settlers”. Certified teachers, tender nurses are happy to meet their pupils. Children’s dance groups, young singers, pupils of music schools give them creative gifts.

After a short concert program, guests are invited inside, and served the national refreshments – peshme and sweets. Children joyfully greet guests with poems and dances, telling what their new “home” can offer.

The cozy and spacious rooms have all the things needed for study and rest – from new desks to comfortable, neatly made beds. Russian and English language classrooms, computer classes, language rooms, sports and music halls. A new garden contains an internal swimming-pool, which is especial joy for children.

The final part of the ceremonial opening was the release of balloons and white doves into the sky.

Today, in different regions of the country, there have been opened 5 spanking new schools, intended for a total of 2,800 places. All of them are built in villages – this is an excellent indicator that the pathway to knowledge in rural children will be a little shorter, within walking distance of educational institutions.

Svetlana MAYAK