A long plait – the maiden beauty

A long plait – the maiden beauty

The plait – a feminity and beauty symbol, and more else, it is that hairdress which never gets out of fashion. Since ancient times weaving of plaits was considered as a special ritual which carried in itself secret sacral sense. Turkmen girls and women till their marriage carried four plaits: two in front, two – behind their back.

Hair were considered as a conductor of vital energy and thus not most protected part, from here there arose a tradition to cover plaits with scarf, to secure an organism against negative influences from outside. Girls intertwined their hair into braids – long, cotton threads of black colour. These threads had colour beads, silver ornaments or jingles on the ends.

When a girl is given in marriage, they had a wedding ceremony in which the daughter-in-law of the elder brother bound the maiden plaits from four in two. In parallel maiden skullcap was replaced with more powerful female headdress embroidered by silver. On plaits of the bride hung up silver suspension brackets and both ends of hairdress connected jewellery in the form of a female figure – asyk. The amulet symbolised the impregnated belly and preserved the future mum during the period of carrying a child.

Different nations of the world had traditions of weaving of plaits. So, in Uzbekistan girls carried 40 plaits till a birth of the first child. In ancient China the hair intertwined into plait, were considered as a submission symbol. And here in the African tribes of soldiers-masai also have plaits, other representatives of the people including women, shaved their hair.

Today the African plaits in ethnic style became an original trend, and many long-haired beauties experiment weaving of African plait. The master hairdresser of the Ashkhabad beauty salon “Agora” Arina Orlova told about features of weaving and rules of care of unusual hairdress.

– If you have decided to have an African plait, keep in mind that to carry such hairdress is recommended no more month, – the hairdresser speaks. – Process of weaving classical African plaits from three locks occupies some hours. Special effect twisted multi-coloured threads give to a hairdress the synthetic material also increases length of hair, the hairdress looks brightly and unusually. To look after hair shampoo powder will help, to wash a head about use of water better only at roots of hair, not to spoil the form of plaits.

Even to braid dozen plaits, time and patience considerable quantity is required.

– Fingers very much are tired, when spin some hard plaits successively, – Arina continues. – Therefore to make such hairdress independently difficult, but it is possible. In salon we use special hair threads for intertwining, but, basically, it is possible to manage and woollen multi-coloured threads. The liquid, weakened hair or short hairstyles will not approach for creation of the given hairdress.

Girls and women in Turkmenistan two classical plaits prefer to braid. This hairdress, as a rule, carry from school and before the institute or university termination.