A jubilee evening of People’s Artist Jemal Saparova was held in Ashgabat

A jubilee evening of People’s Artist Jemal Saparova was held in Ashgabat

The People’s Artist of Turkmenistan, winner of the international award named after Mahtumkuli Jemal Saparova has celebrated her 60th anniversary. In honour of this date a creative evening of the glorified singer at the Turkmen national musical-drama theatre where admirers of her talent, students and colleagues in music gathered, took place.

Jemal Saparova is one of the most significant personalities of Turkmen variety art. Her performances decorate all large celebrations in the life of Turkmenistan; she represented Turkmen musical culture in many countries of the world and always with tremendous success.

Her improbable charm of vocal talent plus a bright, picturesque image of a Turkmen woman underlined by “monumentalism” of the national costume impressed the most demanding audience.

– But each time I feel again and again quivering excitement before coming out onto the stage, – the actress sincerely admits.

In some minutes she will appear in beams of spotlights, welcomed by a thunder of applause, and her strong voice, instantly submitting the public by strong energy, apparently, coming out from genetic depths of Turkmen people, its history.

Therefore, her songs which have absorbed the national spirit and traditions are so popular, therefore they become favourite so quickly. She could connect primordial melodism, its lingering intonations with inflaming and celebratory» manner of singing.

Having reached tops of professional skill in the singer’s career, Jemal l Saparova continues to create with a flush of success, opening new horizons of her way in art. In her repertoire – hundreds of songs and all time there appear new ones which “modernise” national musical traditions.

The organic frame of the concert has been provided with the folklore -ethnographic ensemble “Dokmachylar” whose unchallenged art director is Jemal Saparova.

The set of bouquets from admirers was accepted today by the singer, but the most important one was presented from the president of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

The actress addressed the head of the state with very touching words of gratitude – for support of art workers, young talents and for huge attention to preservation of national heritage, including musical.